Committed to Helping You Run a Greener Facility

Fitness is committed to developing products and processes that help you run a greener facility. We've been a part of the solution for over 30 years, we introduced the first self-powered commercial exercise bike. Today, almost all models allow people to power their own workout. Fitness Treadmills which do require electricity, require far less than competitive models. Read more



Fit Tips Program

Feed your weekly hunger for a variety of fitness expertise with Fitness Fit Tips. These informative one-page weekly fitness news, programming and advice, offer a little something for anyone looking to get started on an exercise program, set fitness goals or kick their workouts up a notch. Perfect for your facility’s newsletter, bulletin board or Web site. Go to Fitness Advisor


  Fitness Journey™

Fitness Journey is a user-focused approach to facility layout in which exercise products are thoughtfully positioned to create a varied set of experiences for exercisers of all fitness levels. Fitness Journey taps into what motivates people to stay on their exercise path and creates an environment that will set your facility apart. Learn More